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Linda Wingate Glass
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My primary focus as an artist addresses the inherent qualities of glass.  Its optical and tactile properties are the perfect medium for channeling my creative energy and expressing my artistic vision.  Glass, from its humble beginnings as the most basic of elements, sand, imparts the true spirit of nature; both powerful yet fragile.  My pieces incorporate the simplicity of nature and its forms, as well as symmetrical and geometric designs.

I'm captivated not only by the end product, but also by the very process each piece must go through in achieving its final artistic form. Starting with only the highest quality hand blown crystal, I wrap each piece with a rubber resist, draw my design and then hand cut the design with an x-acto knife.  After removing the section that I want to carve, I then sandblast that section.  Many of my pieces are multistage carved which involves repeated removal of resist and carving to create a three dimensional effect.  The addition of paint, found objects, and other elements of glass add balance to the more formal elements thus completing the design and creating a sense of texture on the smooth clear surface.